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South Dakota Storage Sheds :: Alexandria, SD

Delivering a storage shed to your location


Some things to consider before the delivery of your storage shed:

  • It is very helpful if you make sure that all tree branches that might cause problems are trimmed.
  • If you have sprinklers in your yard, mark the sprinkler heads so we can see them and avoid driving on them.
  • Are there any low overhead wires that we need to watch out for? If so please tell us about them prior to delivering your storage shed.
  • Quality Storage Buildings is not responsible for any tracks or ruts on your property caused by delivery truck, trailer and equipment.
  • The customer needs to decide when his yard is dry enough to deliver the storage shed.
  • The balance due is to be paid on the day of delivery.


We have a Mule IV to assist with our deliveries! Check out a demonstration video here

Delivery and site placement charges are set at our discretion. If your site take longer than normal to navigate, or the building longer than normal to situate, an extra charge may incur. You will not be charged extra, unless informed by the driver or logistics coordinator, prior to the building being placed .